Tale of the Six Great Kingdoms

A world emerged in magic and hardship, the tale of the six kingdoms.
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 Magic and Dragons Guidelines

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PostSubject: Magic and Dragons Guidelines    Fri May 19, 2017 3:29 pm

Magic is a broad term for describing any supernatural effect, regardless of its cause. The six kingdoms are inside at best described as a medium-magic world, in that magic is common enough to be witnessed by
most people at some point and most races require it for various abilities, but only actually wielded by a minority of the population in the heavy sense. These magic users(mages) can accomplish the impossible and are feared by most and hated by some; they tend to be secretive and will generally not share their secrets with the uninitiated. Magic is very a serious business in kingdoms, and not an activity for hobbyists to dabble in. It grants power, that without proper training will always come at a price.

Most normal people do not distinguish between different kinds of magic,
and will label someone a 'wizard', 'mage' or 'witch' by reputation and appearance alone. The truth is that what people call 'magic' is actually a collection of innumerable disciplines, and any practicing one or more can be considered a magic user. The disciplines are as followed: Restoration, Conjuration, Alteration, Illusion, and Destruction. All magic is fueled by the spiritual energy of the user which is limited by the person's genes and be trained to higher levels through practice of spells and meditation.

Dragons are a reptilian race from the anicent era of the world that were once widespread ruled before the rise of the six kingdoms. Although seeming rather beast-like, they are profoundly intelligent, capable of speech, written language, and comprehension of other languages. They are nearly extinct with a hand full in Aion under the control of the royal family and another hand full free roaming Delta.

To obtain a dragon put in a request with the admins and we will arrange setting up a situation for your character to gain one. (This only applies to human characters because they are the only race that can command dragons)
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Magic and Dragons Guidelines
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