Tale of the Six Great Kingdoms

A world emerged in magic and hardship, the tale of the six kingdoms.
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 Age System and Timelines

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PostSubject: Age System and Timelines   Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:44 pm

Alright my wonderful shinobi, one of our biggest issues is mortality and we age. Honestly the administration board is not going to make your age effect your fighting ability or health, all we ask is that we don't have a bunch of a 90 year old men beating up on people as if they were 20. Please be logical, your not stupid you know how to manage this.

Now for those concerned about the time line. Every 1 month in real life, a year passes in RP so you would add a year to your age. You can start out at any age you want just again be logical.

Lastly for those who want death by old age if you want to kill off your character. Unfortunately you can't do it unless you either started out old or grew old. But cheer up there will always be a shinobi to try to kill you.

This is the link to the anime's main timeline

This is the timeline after the main one
Boruto is 11 at 32 ANB.

17 at 38 ANB Sasuke Uchiha and Orochimaru creates the new Uchiha clan by giving the selected shinobi the sharingans from the shins. In response Tsunade creates two children to continue the linage of the senju using her grandfather's DNA.

19 at 40 ANB Fifth Shinobi World War Begins, Kakashi dies.

21 at 42 ANB Onoki, Mei, A dies in battle.

26 at 47 ANB Orochimaru kills kabuto and betrays hidden leaf.

27 at 48 ANB Naruto seals Orochimaru.

28 at 49 ANB Sarada dies in battle.

30 at 50 ANB Naruto dies against 30,000 at day 5.

31 at 1 AND  Fifth Shinobi World ends Sasuke brings Konoha victory.

32 at 2 AND Boruto becomes Hokage.

43 at 11 AND Sasuke kills Fifth Raikage Darui, Fifth Kazekage Gaara dies of old age, Sixth Mizukage Chojuro dies of old age.

53 at 21 AND Advanced technology is established in all five great shinobi nations. Hinata dies of old age.

75 at 43 AND Sasuke and Sakura dies of old age together. Tsunade dies of old age.

76 at 44 AND -

77 at 45 AND

82 at 50 AND is the Current Year
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Age System and Timelines
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