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A world emerged in magic and hardship, the tale of the six kingdoms.
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 Chakra System

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PostSubject: Chakra System    Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:19 pm

Hey shinobi, now we will be addressing chakra. It is one of the most important things in all of the shinobi world. This system is to dictate how we use our chakra and how chakra reserves work. Because this is a Naruto RP and I want people to feel as much like a ninja in this anime world, I will try my best to keep it proportional to Naruto but also keep it RP fair.

Chakra Cap and Points -
Alright so the base chakra for a normal shinobi is 800 points, performing jutsu and chakra taxing abilities take points away from this number. In that same breathe a shinobi from any of the noble clans or special clans such as the Uchiha, Senju, Uzumaki, Hyuga, etc, have a base number of 900 points and a tailed beast host gets 1,500.
Chakra Boost -
Now let's talk about chakra boost, there is several things that boost chakra.

The Eight Gates are the biggest concern, each gate opened boost your chakra. The first gate starts with 1,000 then the gates following go up by X2 until the last gate.

Sage Mode is the next concern, you will get a natural energy counter that goes down every post you make by 50. The counter is 500, when this counter goes out you will deactivate sage mode and will have to wait five turns before using it again.

Now I know some people may want to create their own battle modes so you may do so but the boost can NOT go over a 1,000.

Jutsu Ranks And Chakra Cost -  
The following ranks correspond with the chakra cost.

For average chakra control
E Rank jutsu cost 10 points
D Rank jutsu cost 20 points
C Rank jutsu cost 40 points
B Rank jutsu cost 50 points
A Rank jutsu cost 100 points
S Rank jutsu cost 150 points

For poor chakra control
E Rank jutsu cost 40
D Rank jutsu cost 50
C Rank jutsu cost 100
B Rank jutsu cost 150
A Rank jutsu cost 250
S Rank jutsu cost 300

For perfect chakra control
E Rank jutsu cost 5 points
D Rank jutsu cost 10 points
C Rank jutsu cost 20 points
B Rank jutsu cost 40 points
A Rank jutsu cost 50 points
S Rank jutsu cost 100 points

You can look up all the ranks via a wiki and if they don't list a rank talk to the admins and we will give it a rank.

Make sure you put your chakra points at the bottom of each of your post if you are fighting. If you don't have it then your post will be voided.
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Chakra System
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