Tale of the Six Great Kingdoms

A world emerged in magic and hardship, the tale of the six kingdoms.
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 Limited List of techniques, Rules, and other shinobi titles and powers

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PostSubject: Limited List of techniques, Rules, and other shinobi titles and powers   Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:26 pm

1. Sharigan - it is limited to three members of the uchiha clan, this applies to all versions of it. Only two members of the clan use izanagi and its partner jutsu.

2. Flying Thunder God - One Only

3. Jashin - Pending

5. Eight Gates users - only two individuals

6. Rinnegan - two individuals who meets the requirements

7. Only jounin squad leaders or kage can master all five chakra natures. - this is pending

8. Teisegan - one user only

9. The Jutsu Max for jutsu is unlimited. This applies for all areas, ninjutsu, taijutsu, etc. Everyone starts out with 15 jutsu unless admins say otherwise

10. Only three Perfect Sages are allowed, two imperfect sages will also be allowed.

11. everyone starts out no higher than a chunin unless admin says otherwise based on your RP skill.

12. You will not have to list basic academy ninja skills and jutsu like Tranformation Technique, Body Flicker, body replacement, and things of that nature if you are genin or higher. It will be assumed that everyone genin or higher will already know these simple skills and jutsu so you have more room for more practical jutsu in your listing.

13. No wars unless permission is granted by admins.

14. Death Matches are watched by an admin.

15. One Kekkei Genkai only

17. No canon characters unless you referring to the tailed beast. The tailed beast will be the only playable canon characters. The other characters will only be non person characters if their brought into the RP. You can't be a canon character's grandchild nor their direct heir. Lastly please don't take any canon character's name, I don't want to see a bunch of sasukes.

18. Creation Rebirth - one only

19. Dead Demon Consuming - one only

20. Lightning Release Chakra Mode - two users

21. Black Lightning - three users

24. No Akatsuki

25. Impure World Resurrection - banned

26. An summoning animal can have five techniques they use to help you in battle that will not count on your list

27. Dark Chakra - banned

28. Shadow clones can't be distinguished from the original with Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan or Rinne Sharingan. This is the forbidden technique Tobirama Senju created and the anime/manga state it several times. This is a rule to mainly remind people.

29. Byakugan - four people

30. Only One Wood Release User

31. No Sage or Jinchuriki can be a Kage

32. No Sage can be Jinchuriki

33. Each genin start out with the academy techniques, they can learn 10 techniques while a genin, Chunin can learn 5 more, Jounin then learn 5 more, then kage get 5 more. Sages and Jinchuriki also get 5 more.

If this list becomes a mass problem for the RP the admins will discuss and edit as needed, everyone is human and so is the moderators so if we hinder you by mistake or make it worse trying to make things fair. Work with us and be patient while we fix it so things run smoothly.
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Limited List of techniques, Rules, and other shinobi titles and powers
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