Tale of the Six Great Kingdoms

A world emerged in magic and hardship, the tale of the six kingdoms.
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 Clans Limitations

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PostSubject: Clans Limitations    Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:58 pm

The countries and villages of the world of Naruto are only as strong as the clans which inhabit it. Throughout the world unique jutsu abilities are passed down from generation to generation. Some abilities are passed down through genetics (bloodline), while others are skills and abilities only known to those in the clan.

Aburame Clan - 10 member Limit

Akimichi Clan - 10 member Limit

Hyūga Clan - 5 member Limit

Sarutobi Clan - 5 member Limit

Senju Clan - 5 member Limit

Uchiha Clan - 5 member Limit

Kurama Clan - 2 member Limit

Yuki Clan - 1 member Limit

Kaguya Clan - 5 member Limit

Hozuki Clan - 10 member Limit

Kamizuru Clan - 10 member Limit
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Clans Limitations
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